DJ Honey G, born and raised in Thailand, started her career as professional DJ in 2011, while she worked as trainee DJ at GLOW NIGHTCLUB in Bangkok. Due to her unique mixing style combined with her charismatic, self-confident and beautiful exotic appearance, it didn’t take her long to attract a fast growing number of local and international fans. For the time being her energetic live mixes with deep house, tech-house, tech-minimal, techno and progressive brought her quite a name in Bangkok’s night life scene.

As a result, from 2012 to 2013 other well known clubs in Bangkok, across Thailand and in various foreign countries started competing for the opportunity to hire DJ Honey G. Now focusing on house and electro she used this period to further improve her mixing styles by regularly adding a choice of best underground beats from all over South East Asia and other regions. Consequently, Honey G knows how to present the latest stirring dance music in a matchless way. There is no second option. DJ Honey G has to be experienced!

Meanwhile considered as one of the most wanted female house and electro DJ’s in South East Asia, Honey G’s latest performances took inter alia place in Cambodia (Phnom Penh), Laos (Vientiane), Malaysia (various major party locations), Nepal (Kathmandu), Singapore, Thailand (most major party locations), Viet Nam (Saigon), Turkey (Istanbul), Denmark (Copenhagen) and in Germany (Cologne, Hamburg, Frankfurt aM).



DJ Honey G, born Nongluck Kiatratsamee, hails from Bangkok, Thailand. There she grew up as the only child of a merchants family and achieved a bachelors degree in economics at the renowned Ramkhamhaeng University ( Since then she has been working as marketing consultant for the construction company owned by her parents. Although her activities as a consultant are very limited nowadays as her work as a DJ has become her real passion and her primary occupation.

DJ Honey G has already as a young student had a particular interest in fashion design. Thus, the designing of new garments is no longer solely a hobby, but an integral part of Honey G’s career as an international DJ. It is not rare that the inventive outfits at her performances are created by Honey G herself.

After all, modern music plays a profound role in her life, as well as fashion design. While Honey G has been listening up until now alongside to house and electro in private to metal, r&b, hip hop and to more serene music, her career as a DJ began in 2011 first with electro underground music or with techno, minimal, progressive, deep-house and various similar music styles in particular. Honey G was trained as a DJ in the internationally renowned and popular GLOW NIGHTCLUB in Bangkok.

Matching the requirements of the GLOW club, Honey G was not only determined to improve her DJing skills, but also to untiringly expand her repertoire of electro underground music. For this purpose she could use, apart from the internet, contacts with various international producing DJs, who came to Bangkok to perform in GLOW, and the connection to the vibrant underground electro scene of Bangkok.

This way, Honey G was able to collect a wide and probably matchless repertoire of electro underground music, which receives an additional personal note through DJ Honey G’s mixes. Since Honey G usually mixed and still mixes live and without laptop, she is able to shape her performances more energetically and with a better focus on the crowd. In addition, considering her distinctive, friendly, exotic and beautiful appearance, it is not surprising that Honey G just needed a few months to build up a local and international fan base in Bangkok.

Within a short period of time DJ Honey G received further bookings by event operators and night clubs in and around Bangkok. Through first publications of videos and mix tapes on the internet, but perhaps also due to Bangkok’s international nightlife scene, in 2011 Honey G started already occasionally being booked abroad. After just one year of working in Thailand and in Malaysia, she became successful enough to be able to finance her living by just working as a DJ.

Since May 2013 DJ Honey G has already toured four times through central Europe, whereby she achieved quite a name in Hamburg’s club scene (Germany) in particular. Apart from tours through other European countries, there are also several tours through other regions of Asia planned for 2014. For 2015 she is aiming at the American continent.

However, the quick jump into an international DJ career would probably not have been possible with a sole focus on underground music. Thus, in 2012 Honey G started to mix electronic dance music (EDM) which is better known internationally, partly also with an Asian touch, with underground beats. Her latest project comprises a mixing of EDM with Kpop (Korean pop music). Additionally, she is currently holding a residency at the Axis & Spin sky club at the five stars The Continent Hotel (Bangkok) and at Sapphire Club, Lounge and Restaurant (Bangkok).

Since Honey G usually presents her mixes in a lively and varied way, she managed to develop her own outstanding style. In this respect there is no other option – DJ Honey has to be experienced!